Winners of Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls

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Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls

Atomic Bob makes Christmas Balls

Dateline 2017, Smoke Out Rally
Atomic Bob enjoys providing holiday cheer to the Chopper Jockeys of the Smoke Out with his set of exclusive Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls.

“I love making these Smoke Out Rally ornaments,” said the Atomic One. “Not everyone can do these, but I cannonballed some single barrel Jack Daniels and then get into my Christmas zone and go after it. If you can’t celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus, then you just miss the reason of the season.”

Chopper Jockeys Win Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls

Edge had this to say:

We are awarding (6) Atomic Bob Christmas Balls for a few lucky Chopper Jockeys. Until Christmas we will be awarding one every other day or so from the Holiday Sale ticker buyers. And who wouldn’t want a Christmas Ball from the famed Atomic Bob?

Winners of Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls:

    • Heather Eggerichs
    • Stacy Williamson
    • Richard Pomeroy
    • Michael Shumate
    • Cristy Sheets
    • Heather Eggerichs

This will give your tree a little choppa attitude, just like your sled. Atomic Bob is so busy that he isn’t doing ornaments this year but Edge talked him into doing one set.

Atomic Bob's Christmas Balls

Atomic Bob Christmas Balls

We want to thank everyone for participating in the Christmas Balls promotion. We were overwhelmed by the response. We hope you enjoy them as we think they are cool. Who knows, in a few years, they may be worth something! Also, it’s not to late to get a discount on tickets for Smoke Out 19

– Edge

What does Atomic Bob do when not celebrating Christmas and painting Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls?

Well, Atomic Bob’s Christmas Balls isn’t the only thing on his design table. He does all sorts of interesting art work at his Atomic Dice Studio.

Atomic Bob creates at events

Atomic Bob's Christmas Balls

Atomic Bob makes awards

Atomic Bob creates t-shirt designs

Atomic Bob's Christmas Balls

Atomic Bob converts bikers into monsters

Atomic Bob's Christmas Balls

Atomic Bob’ works on an illustration for an article

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