Speed King Jeff Cochran’s badass custom chopper (clip from Road 2 Smoke Out movie)

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Speed King Jeff Cochran

He has been building super clean, retrostyle choppers and bobbers for over 15 years. Jeff has literally built hundreds of wicked cool Shovelheads in his career, and as a result, he has earned a reputation for turning out dependable motorcycles with some of the cleanest lines in the business.

Coming from a 2nd generation family of builders, young Jeff Cochran always built stuff in his garage and logically ended up starting his own custom motorcycle business. Jeff opened Sucker Punch Sally in Cincinnati, OH in 2002 and very fast took as partner Donnie Loos, another local long time builder with who I was intensively show touring in the 90’s,.

Then later sold off his interest and started Speedking Choppers.

Meet Speed King Jeff Cochran at the Smoke Out.

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