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Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes

Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes - Photo credit: “Ray’s Motorcycle Diary”

There will be both drag racing on Friday and superhero road course (circle track) racing on Saturday. 

The addition of drag racing last year was a huge success and this year we should have access to the actual drag strip to use for racing.  If we do receive use of the drag strip, they will also force us to possibly adhere to track rules which include a pre-race bike inspection for loose parts, fluid leaks, working brakes etc.

The SO minibike races have become one of the most entertaining parts of the party weekend, drawing huge crowds of viewers looking forward to the spectacle of costumed racers pushing their garage-built mini racing machines far beyond their limits, just to hold the bragging rights of the Smoke Out Minibike Champion.

The uniqueness of the garage-built machines is only surpassed by the creativity of the costumes, (required), by the fanatical racers piloting their creations to victory for the sole purpose of the coveted claim of Champion.


Minibike racing again will be on an hourglass-shaped course.  Subclasses will include powderpuff, (lets get the gals racing!); minibike sidecar racing, (you claim to be builders, prove it, build one); drift trikes, (look it up, you’ll be addicted);


Tim and Amy from Mutha Country Choppers have diversified and created a new entity to handle the day-to-day operations involving mini bikes. Celebrate with us the launch of Jive Turkey Racing, a new mini subsidiary of Mutha Country Choppers.

Competition is intense, but a few of the competitors seemed less than serious



We will assist any and all racers to ensure the bikes are race ready.  The riders themselves will also have to pass pre-race inspection which the track requires. These requirements are as follows: DOT helmet – no racing without one, gloves, shoes preferably over the ankles & minimally exposed skin, (shirts and pants please). You must have an easily accessible kill switch, preferably mounted on the handlebars.  These are track rules. If everyone prepares for these rules, things will go a lot smoother.


I'm burning the rule book and lifting all power plant restrictions on drag bikes this year.  The distance from start to finish line is 330ft.  The only restriction on the bike will be single speed (1 gear, no shifting). Torque converters are okay.  No suspension or wheel size limitations. Any fuel is okay with me.  Let’s build some rocket ships!


Saturday, the 3 classes are sidecar, powder puff & standard two-wheel minibike racing.  Depending on participation numbers, we may have a grey beard race so us old guys can still feel relevant. This will be discussed at the Smoke Out. There will be stricter rules for racing on Saturday that has been put in place to even out the competition and will be strictly enforced.  They are not up for debate, and these are the rules are as follows:

  • No costume - no racing. They do not have to be elaborate – just use your imagination
  • Motors can be no larger than 6.5 hp blocks, and must run on maximum 93 octane standard pump fuel. What you do internally to the motor is up to you. I DON’T CARE IF RACE FUEL COMES FROM A PUMP. No alternative fuel bikes allowed.
  • All bikes MUST have a pull start.  No external starters.  This must be demonstrated at registration in order to get a race number. Some true mini bikes may have stock electric starters – these will have to pass a visual inspection to receive a race number.  Once again NO EXTERNAL STARTERS.
  • No front end with hydraulic suspension. Springs are fine, but no motorcycle-style hydraulics. You know what a stock mini bike frame looks like and we will adhere to it. Rear shock-mounted seats will be accepted.
  • One gear, no shifting.  Torque converters allowed.
  • Wheel size, not tire size, is limited to 10”.
  • Frames must be old school minibike style. Not trail bikes/dirt bikes/mini motorcycles with motor changes.

Again I don’t care if your motorcycle-style mini bike was sold as a mini bike, we want old fashioned mini bikes only in this race.  You can still drag race with whatever you brought. These rules have been implemented to make the competition tighter and have an overall presumption of safety.

Before each race, all bikes will have to pass a once-over pre-race safety inspection for loose parts, kill switches and safety issues, a/k/a brakes. We will assist you in any way we can to get your bikes past inspection.

Remember all of the races are first and foremost for fun.  Sportsmanship is expected.  Lack of it will not be tolerated.  Let’s have fun!



Fast + Furious


Tim & Amy


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