Tim and Amy Gelay from Mutha Country Choppers will be the coordinators of the minibike/draft car racing events at this year’s Smokeout 19.

Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes

Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes - Photo credit: “Ray’s Motorcycle Diary”

MCC is honored to be hosting the minibike races at this year’s Smokeout 19, and are dedicated to making this years’ races better than ever. 

Here are a few updates on what to expect at this year’s races:

The SO minibike races have become one of the most entertaining parts of the party weekend, drawing huge crowds of viewers looking forward to the spectacle of costumed racers pushing their garage-built mini racing machines far beyond their limits, just to hold the bragging rights of the Smoke Out Minibike Champion.  The uniqueness of the garage-built machines is only surpassed by the creativity of the costumes, (required), by the fanatical racers piloting their creations to victory for the sole purpose of the coveted claim of SMSO 19 Champion, (and possibly a trophy, but don’t count on it).


Minibike racing again will be on an hourglass-shaped course.  Subclasses will include powderpuff, (lets get the gals racing!); minibike sidecar racing, (you claim to be builders, prove it, build one); drift trikes, (look it up, you’ll be addicted);

This year, for the first time, minibike drag racing – old fashioned, run what you brung, head to head, flat out drag racing, complete with an awesome flag girl to signal the start of each showdown.


Every racer wanting to participate in any event must register themselves and their machines, sign a release form and state in which races you will be participating, so you and your bike will be eligible to race.  If you or your bike are not registered, you will not be allowed to race. NO EXCEPTIONS!  Registration will be available at the Mutha Country Choppers booth.  Free to race, you need only to register to qualify.

Competition is intense, but a few of the competitors seemed less than serious

General Race Rules:

Your machine must be a true minibike frame and wheels.  Dirt bike frames with motorcycle wheels and suspension do NOT qualify as a minibike – they are just dirt bikes with a motor swap and will NOT qualify as a minibike for circle racing, but WILL be permitted to drag race.

Suspension is allowed as long as it is a true minibike style frame.

NO TRANSMISSIONS. Jack shift is okay as long as it is a single gear, (no shifting).

The motors are to be Brigs, Tecumseh, etc. lawn mower-style 4 stroke engines.  This does not include any type of 2 stroke, goped, moped, pocket bike.  Honda and Predator are okay.  6.5 hp is the size limit for your power plant, though creative tuning is not only accepted, it is encouraged.  You have to make it to race it.

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected and any deviation from a racer will immediately disqualify the racer and their machine.

Please remember you must preregister yourself and your bike to race.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

Have fun, that is what it is all about.  We are not racing for cash.  It is entertainment, so please keep the safety of your fellow racers in mind.

Fast + Furious

Circle track racing:

You MUST wear a helmet (No helmet No racing)    You MUST wear a costume (No costume No racing)

Minibike Drag Racing

Rules as of now, and plan on them to hold true, mirror the Rockingham Dragstrip Rules and Regulations, which require the rider to have a full-face helmet, leather jacket, gloves and shoes covering the ankles. If your mini machine posts numbers under 9.9 quarter mile, you must have full race leathers. No costume required.  No limits to what you build.

Check back right here for any future updates.

Looking forward to some great racing and unique bikes.  See you all in June.

Tim & Amy


Smoke Out 20

June 14-15, 2019

Noon to 11 pm Friday the 14th
10 am to 11 pm Saturday the 15th


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