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Letters from the Edge… Smoke Out 19 update

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Mike Allen : A Long Road RIder

The Smoke out is the epicenter of the Chopper World. It has everything that you want: the ride-bike-bike show, music, drag racing, camping, Chop Off, Mini Bike Racing, freak show, beer, older dudes with beer guts and beards, more beer, beautiful women… and much more. Tickets are available at the gate the day of the event.

So many good things are happening with this year’s event.  It will be epic.  I am committing myself to posting news here once a week until the event.  Hold me too it!  Y’all have my email address.  Edge

The Smoke Out is alive and well.  We are looking forward to the best Smoke Out ever.  We need support from the biker community more than we ever have in the history of the event.  Please contact your ten best friends and let them know the Smoke Out is on and will be epic. Please help.  Please cut and paste the George the Painter jpg below and post on every social media source you can!

Part of the reason I am late on this update is I really do not want to address the elephant in the room.  The Horse Magazine was the Smoke Out sponsor for years and now they are not.  The magazine has changed ownership.  Chanel (aka Mz Debo) has taken over the Horse Magazine.  Mz Debo and I do not conduct business the same way or for the same reasons.

The magazine printed the Smoke Out is off…  which isn’t true… never was.  The magazine planned to run their own event this year but it didn’t work out.  They have announced they are running their own event next year.  Events are insanely expensive but after all… they have your subscription money they stole.  It is pretty easy to guess why the insanely dishonest “history” of the Smoke Out in the last issue has deep disagreements with the year-to-year reports that appeared in The Horse Magazine through the years.  It’s sad but The Horse Magazine isn’t what it used to be.

Chanel has her own editorial in the magazine.  She uses a picture of herself topless, with body paint on her breast.  These are Chanel’s words, “… business is business; friendship is friendship and the two should never mix.”  I am glad she is sharing her perspective on the world with us.  However, I could not disagree more.

My perspective on the Smoke Out is that it IS about friendship.  The people that have come to the Smoke Out all these years have become family.

This is a critical year for the Smoke Out.  Please contact everyone you can and tell them the Smoke Out IS ON!!  I am very sad about what has happened to the Horse but sometimes life goes like that and everything will come around.

All that aside, I am so excited about this year’s event.  We have great stuff planned!  The motorcycle community has been simply overwhelming.  Seriously… I have been absolutely stunned by the overwhelming support at times and I cannot adequately express my thanks.  See you soon.

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