LC Fabrications – ‘Seven’

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LC Fabrications – ‘Seven’

LC Fabrications – ‘Seven’

The Retro Nouveau Seven

From GEARHEADS… Now this is what I call the definition of custom building. Who would dream of mating a Buell with a Ducati and fusing it with a Triumph transmission? Jeremy Cupp from LC Fabrications, that’s who.

It’s appropriately called “Seven” – as it’s the seventh proper motorcycle to roll out of the LC Fabrications garage and it’s a real mean machine that takes inspiration from the Harley Davidson CAC Speedway machines from the 1930s mixed with a variety of European parts in a way that may not have ever been seen before – as custom motorcycles go, this is an absolute masterpiece.

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‘Seven’ – LC Fabrications from Pipe Burn… The saying “it’s in his blood” gets thrown around a lot when sons follow in their father’s footsteps. But Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications must have the blood of a thousand men, because to single-handedly create this masterpiece and do it from scratch takes skills surely not possible for one man to possess in a life time.

But that is exactly what he has done in creating this Harley Davidson CAC factory speedway inspired machine from entirely handcrafted components and a drivetrain that is part Buell, part Ducati and with cog swapping courtesy of Triumph.

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From Silodrome… LC Fabrications is run by a quietly talented man by the name of Jeremy Cupp. Jeremy sends me an email every now and then with news of his latest build, and it always takes me a minute or two to figure out what I’m looking at because so much of the bike is fabricated from raw metal.

With this bike, named Seven, we needed a little time to get our heads around the engine. Jeremy has somehow mated a Ducati head to a Buell cylinder, then paired it with a Triumph gearbox and made it all work flawlessly. I’m not one to believe in magic, but anyone who can make bits from three engines work as a single unit has to have at least a little Louisiana Voodoo running through their veins.

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