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Smoke Out Golf Cart Policy

No Golf Carts in Event Area

Primarily for safety reasons, golf carts (or any other kind of vehicle with four wheels) are NOT allowed on the event grounds.

In addition to the safety issue, intense research was conducted by operatives of the HORSE underground. Exhaustive scientific methods were applied to “the golf cart question.” Surveys report that golf carts annoy the shit out of the 95 % of people at the event that are not in golf carts (+ or – a one percent scientific margin of error).

There will be a few golf carts tooling around but it will only be the minimum number of carts required by event staff to keep the event running.

Golf carts will be allowed in the tent camping area and a parking lot for the carts will be available just before entering the event grounds from the tent camping area.

People staying in the RV spots (along the fence near the ticket booths) will have a golf cart parking lot near the fence at the end of the staging area (same place it was last year).

There is no provision to drive golf carts from the RV spaces to the tent camping area during the event.

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June 14-15, 2019

Noon to 11 pm Friday the 14th
10 am to 11 pm Saturday the 15th

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