Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

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Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast Interview with Edge of the Smoke Out Rally.

Pat Jansen of Sin-Central.com interviews movers and shakers in the motorcycle industry.

Jansen looks for the dark side of life and finds the humor and then toasts it with three fingers of Jack. Each week he interviews the guys and gals that make industy rev. On the mic is Edge of the Smoke Out. It’s in its 18 year and Edge talks about the new features at the show.

PODCAST SPONSOR – Atomic Bob and his Atomic Dice Studio Arts – Taking Monsters and Aliens to the next level of existence… ON3 Monster at a time.

The Smoke Out is about choppers, chopper jockeys, builders and riders. It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil. Chops of all makes are featured, American, British, Metric, everything.

The event is two days to look at fine chops, listen to good music, relax, catch up with old friends or make new friends, eat good food, take a couple nice puts in a pretty countryside, drink some beer, shop the venders wares…

BigScott sez…

So, who is stoked about SmokeOut going at Rockingam Drags? This is one bad ass place. Plenty of grass for all the campers. But you guys wanting hotels….check the link for accommodations and directions.

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  1. Bill Barber on June 9, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    This will be my 17th in a row. It is habit forming as it is a one of kind Biker family event. Every year it gets better and better. During the day there is so many things to do that you can’t see it all. Crazy mayhem and debauchery, great music, Bike Shows like no other event, grudge drag racing, hairy ass biker dudes, hot women and the coolest Motorcycles on the 3rd rock from the Sun. At night in the campground, anything goes with more great music, the baddest burn out pit and more crazy shit! Come enjoy, you will make lifelong friends at this great event!

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