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Drift Trikes on Friday Night

Photo by Renard Kevin


Drift trikes are basically big wheels like we had as kids.

Drift Trike 411

However, these have engines because most of us don’t have the endless energy of a six year old. Sections of PVC plastic are slid over the tire and then the tires are inflated, which allows the bikes to slide through the corners on the hard plastic.

Drift trikes are a blast – These things are a blast to watch. The only concern we really had to address is we need keep the trikes in the big mini-bike race area. People cruising on golf carts or trikes (in the crowd area) pisses everyone off and I understand that.

We have a great group though and they will be respectful of that concern. I really think these things could have a future at the Smoke Out. It’s one more exciting, fun thing to watch. Win-win. We have all kinds of people at the Smoke Out that just love to use hacksaws and welders and this could be crazy.

We Are Going Racing!

Friday Night Fights Trikes

The race is scheduled for Friday night at the same location as the mini bike races. REGISTRATION AND RACING WILL BE RUN BY THE GARAGE 71 CREW. REGISTER AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE AS THE MINI BIKE RACERS.

The drift trikes will run before the mini-bikes. The initial requirements include:

  • 1 speed transmission
  • 1 gear
  • No shifts
  • Under 6.5 horsepower (not hopped up… safety) rear tires can range from 10″ slicks to 12″ enduro with either sch. 40 or sch. 80 ABS or PVC
  • Front brakes are a must with the PVC on the rear tires and the inability to stop 
  • Kill switch

Depending on the amount of people that get involved we will either run heats with three racers or fastest lap. It can get a lil’ hairy with any more riders on the track

Check here for some useful stuff if you are thinking of building something - www.sfdindustries.com

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