The Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode 8 – Darkness Falls

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What Happens in the dark, stays in the dark. Episode 8 of 10

As darkness falls over the Smokeout Rally, the rowdies do their part with the help of Freedom and Brown Liquor. Audio Track courtesy of the Koffin Kats. Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode 8.

The Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode 8 – Darkness Falls

The Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode 8 – Darkness Falls

Pound for pound the Smokeout Rally may be North Carolina’s most entertaining event. A weekend celebration of custom choppers, music, art & style lead the way, but what makes it unique are the people. Ride along as we engage the folks that tie it all together.

The Smoke Out is host to the greatest ride in owner-garage-built-ride-in-bike-show in the world. This bike show has only one class: CHOPPER. Choppers of all varieties are represented, bobbers, Swedish Chops, Rock-a-Billy Chops, etc. as well as various engine configurations such as Sportsters, metric engines, Shovelheads, Evos… everything.

All of Harley-Davidson’s engines are on display in the bikes of the Smoke-Out, from Flatheads to Knuckleheads to Panheads to Shovelheads to Iron Head Sportsters to Evos and even Twin Cams, you see it all at the Smoke-Out. Some of these engines are over 60 years old and that speaks volumes for the builders who keep this old iron on the road and it also tells you what kind of product that the Harley-Davidson Motor Company produces. These engines are as tough as nails, yeah they have been re-built, but the basic engine cases are still intact

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