Best Smoke Out Memories

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Best Smoke Out Memories

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Best Smoke Out Rally Memories

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"It's a toss up, either the ride with Michael Lichter, Keith Ball and Jeff Najar to Wheels Through Time and the Long Road campground or the ride back with Bosley to the SO. Beautiful country roads, great weather, and a great party at the SO." 

Rollin Karoll, Attended 3 years


"Cracking open a cold one with my pops, on fathers day. Definitely worth the 20 hour ride down there." 

– Christopher Howard, Attended 2 years


Marilyn Stemp has worked in publishing for many years. She knows everyone and has been everywhere. "I have all of my memories in photographs. For me it's all about the great people I meet along the way."

Click here to see my memories.
– Marilyn Stemp, editor of Iron Trader News


"The first Smokeout in Rockingham was about the best one I had rode in on my shovel my wife on her CB1000, my dad on his Road King and one of my best friends on his Pan that was in my opinion the last good Smokeout before y'all started letting in all the camper trailers and everyone started trailering their bikes and riding in the last 20 miles." 

Jason Jones, Attended 7 years


"Attended in 2015. Rode my 2007 Vmax all the way down and back from Nova Scotia Canada. Even did the Dragon on the way there. Awesome rally hopefully be able to attend in 2018." 

Ken Speichts, Attended 1 year


"Seeing "Highway to Hell" in concert was the best! Other great memories include Traveling Todd's famous "BURNOUT" and the dude pissing in the trash barrel during the mini bike races." 

Dane Christman, Attended 4 years


"There all great memories. Never had a better time than the Smoke out rallies. I attended my first one in Salisbury NC. When Indian Larry, Paul Cox, and Billy Lane were there." 

Roger Gallihugh, Attended 8 years


"Best memory... meeting GTP and getting to hang out with him." 

James M. Burt, Best Year


"Meeting Richie Pan and buying a rat fink print from him just hours before he passed

Shaun Betting, Best Memory


"My best memory from Smoke Out Rally seeing Rebels Son... epic." 

Kathy Lynn Richardson Lupton, Best year


"My best memory from Smoke Out Rally 18 is standing on the K-Rail over Larry's bike in a Luchador mask pouring bourbon shots to the crowd during the most killer burn out ive ever seen.. epic," 

Michael Carroll, Smoke Out Rally 18


"Max Niebauer rides his custom bobber to the Smoke Out. He even won the competition that year." 

Zack Coffman,, Attended 1 year


"The Rock is the only one we have been to but we do ride about 580 miles one way that's if we go the short route which we never do." 

Charlie Johnson, Attended


"Started going to the smokeout about 5 yrs ago been hearing about it for years, still one of the best, we don't trailer motorcycles they are our transportation, if can't ride to a rally ,stay home wannabe, times have changed but us older ones haven't, always have fun at the smokeout." 

Ray Borrell, Attended 5 years


My girlfriend walks out of the hotel, cocks her hip, points a finger and yells at the bikers in the pool area... "All you bikers are going to hell. I know what you do and you-all are fornicators!" The bikers yelled back, "No, we are good people. Have a beer. Not all of us are fornicators!" 

I laughed until I started hiccupping.
– Jeff Najar, Biker Pros


"For the life of me I can't remember which year it was, 10 or 11, but it was a torrential down poor. We were at the stage with Roadside and it broke loose. I ran through the field which was now a pond to my tent. Hiding inside soaked and wet I put my helmet on because I knew that one of the bikes screaming by right outside my tent was going to plow right into me... Alas I survived and it was fucking awesome!"

– Mark Leipfert, Attended 2 Years


"I guess my best smoke out rally memories would narrow down to 3 events.
1st - My very first Rally in Salisbury NC in about 01 or 02. Camped outside the event grounds and met many kool folks and was amazed at the fabrications and the Guiness World Record Longest Chopper.
2nd - Next year featured Indian Larry and Billy Lane and really enjoyed chatting with them and their crews.
3rd - 2011 was my Long Road Adventure (153) and that was amazing and rode with some very interesting new friends.

– Barry Franklin, Attended 6 Years


"Back in the early days it was fairly raw. Indian Larry and Billy Lane were an interesting pair. The best part about the rally has been meeting old friends and making new ones."

– Richard Pomeroy, Attended 15 Years


"At Salisbury, it was doing burnouts as you rode around the asphalt circle, then doing the little dirt track racing with Indian Larry. At Farmington where the drag racing and mini bike racing started, and dragging guys on tires, cardboard and been in their tent around the "no mans land" perimeter until the cop would slowly walk over to tell you it was off limits area. And Rockingham just wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for all the wild times in the camping area where the only rule was quiet time from 6AM to 6:30AM.

One of the best thing about SMSO is the no-pretense attitude where everyone is equal and willing to talk about their builds and rides no matter if your a big time pro builder or a kid with his first chop."

– Rigger Sanner, Attended 23 Years (We’re on our 19 year but we think Rigger probably attending SO West to get the extra dates.)


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