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We really want to thank the members of our sub-culture that are all in early.  The people that know they are going to be there and support the event no matter what.

Smoke Out Rally Tickets(NO camping) at the gate

Smoke Out 18 Friday and Saturday Pass. This ticket does NOT include camping. Tickets purchased early keeps more dinaro in your pockets. “Our best value.”

  • Smoke Out Rally Tickets for Fri and Sat – $35



Smoke Out Event Ticket (WITH Camping) at the camping gate:

Smoke Out 18 Friday and Saturday Pass.  Our best camping value. And it is an insane price of just $60 dollars —covers  the entire SO18 event including Friday and Saturday.

  • Smoke Out Rally Tickets WITH Camping on Fri and Sat – $65


Road 2 Smoke Out Film

The Road 2 Smoke film captures the experience of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of infamous biker magazine The Horse Backstreet Choppers.

Road 2 Smoke Out – Where the Adventure Never Ends

Road 2 Smoke Out DVD – $ 15. Save $10, PLUS FREE SHIPPING IN USA. – The Road 2 Smoke Out DVD (feature length film) ships immediately.

Road 2 Smoke Out Film - Smoke Out Rally Tickets

Only $15 for the Film



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