GrimCo Stunts Rolling to Smoke Out Rally

GrimCo Stunts showcase Harley WHEELIES, BURNOUTS and some of the most technical TRICKS performed on Harley Davidson Dyna’s.


GrimCo Stunts is a premier Harley Davidson only motorcycle stunt team based out of the North East.

Their team consist of Nick Reynolds (@nicholasjreynolds), TJ Mccaffrey (@tjmccaffrey) and Bill Preston (@thrill_billy).

With each stunt show performed by GrimCo Stunts you’ll get Harley wheelies, burnouts and some of the most technical tricks performed on Harley Davidson Dyna’s.

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Spectro Answers Your Oil Questions

spectroOil is still one of the black arts. There are a lot of speculation and a lot of questions about what goes into your motorcycle. At Darwin Cycles we use Spectro because the quality of the product. We spoke with Rollin Karoll of Spectro for some additional clarification.

Question 1: Can viscosity grades be mixed?

    Spectro Answer: Yes, you can and no harm will be done. Topping up with 10w40, if its all you have available, will not injure the 20w50 in your crankcase. It will, however, lower the overall viscosity of your crankcase oil to a certain extent. This will cause no harm to your motorcycle. Likewise, adding a 20w50 product to 10w40 will slightly increase the overall viscosity in your crankcase. Again, no harm will occur.

Question 2: Can you explain multi-weight lubricants?

Bean’re does Pre Season Testing

At American Biker in Charleston, SC

Bean’re and his posse, Chad Hood, Chad Chadwick, Blake Wright and Steve rip it up in the parking lot of American Biker in Charleston, SC. They are preparing for races at Smokeout 16.

Racing will be held on Friday & Saturday nights at the minibike track.

Mr. Bean’re on 3 Wheels


(Tickets Are Now Available)

Map of the event


Click the map for an expanded view

Click the map for an expanded view


Click here for the Google Map.


The “event only” wristband can be upgraded to a “camping and event” wristband at the camping gate. The fee to upgrade depends on how many nights you will be in the camping area. If you upgrade on:

  • Thursday the price is $ 45
  • Friday the price is $ 40
  • Saturday the price is $ 25

The upgrade allows you into the camping area for the remaining duration of the event.

Hard Knocks Custom – Old/New Bike Category

We have added a long over due bike category this year. It is a show that you do not even have to enter and the prizes are awesome.

For years I have noticed a type of bike I really enjoy seeing at the Smoke Out but there has not been a way to recognize these bikes at the event. It starts with a stock bike and you fix the initial things that have to be addressed. So maybe you got a Sporty in 1999 and rejetted the carb, replaced the air cleaner and pipes, put on a comfortable Mustang seat and called it a day.

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