Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode #2

The Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode #2 – Builders, Artists and Chopper Jockeys of the Smoke Out

Roadside Marty and Spacey enter the fray as we trek to Pensacola, Florida & Meridian, Mississippi respectively. Audio track courtesy of Sneaky Tree.

Episode 2 of 10.

Charlie Horse Dialogue - Episode #2

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Your chance to win a $10 Shovelhead project at The Horse Smokeout 18!

Do you have dreams of building your own custom Harley-Davidson Shovelhead?

Win a Shovelhead project

Lowbrow Customs is having a raffle that takes place at the Horse Smokeout Rally on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 in Rockingham, North Carolina. Pick up a Lowbrow Shovelhead lapel pin for $10 and get a ticket for your chance to win a rebuilt Shovelhead engine, a stock, titled Harley-Davidson FL frame, and a $500 gift certificate for Lowbrow Customs!

win a Shovelhead project

You must be present at the drawing to win! Drawing will take place on the main stage Saturday evening at the Smokeout. Not only is the grand prize killer, but second place winner gets a pair of Led Sled Invader Wheels, a 21″ front and 16″ rear, over a $1000 value!
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Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode #1

Charlie Horse Dialogue – Episode One

We begin with introductions, then visits to Edge in Columbia & Bill Dodge in Daytona Beach. Episode 1 of 10.

Pound for pound the Smokeout Rally may be North Carolina’s most entertaining event. A weekend celebration of custom choppers, music, art & style lead the way, but what makes it unique are the people. Ride along as we engage the folks that tie it all together.

Sponsored by The North Carolina Flux – Click here to for the latests events in North Carolina

Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

Edge is on Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast

Sin-Central Pod-E Podcast Interview with Edge of the Smoke Out Rally.

Pat Jansen of interviews movers and shakers in the motorcycle industry.

Jansen looks for the dark side of life and finds the humor and then toasts it with three fingers of Jack. Each week he interviews the guys and gals that make industy rev. On the mic is Edge of the Smoke Out. It’s in its 18 year and Edge talks about the new features at the show.

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Faith Forgotten Wrenches Agains the Machine


Pictured: “Wrench Against The Machine” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten, Kevin Dunworth of Loaded Gun Customs and Jody Perewitz. Will and the all-star team competed against legendary builder Jay LaRossa. Winner? Will Ramsey and crew.

Meet Will Ramsey of Faith Forgotten Choppers at Smoke Out 18. You can find him in builder row down from the main stage.

Faith Forgotten Choppers believes that form follows function. The parts they fabricate and the bikes they build are designed with an emphasis on function and style. Using 100% American materials and labor, Faith Forgotten Choppers’ products will outlast the road.

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Builder Profile: Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications

Cupp's award winning engine machining

Cupp’s award winning Seven

The Smoke Out is about custom bike builders. If they are a master of metal then they have rolled into the friendly confines of the Smoke Out Rally. Jeremy Cupp routinely attends the Smoke Out. He is one of the nation’s top builders and not only did his bike Seven win at the Smoke Out it also won at every show it entered.

By Tyler Ludlow, Shop photos by Harleigh Cupp, “Seven” bike photography by Michael Allen

Jeremy Cupp of LC Fabrications Named King of The Builders at J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder US Championship
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GrimCo Stunts Rolling to Smoke Out Rally

GrimCo Stunts showcase Harley WHEELIES, BURNOUTS and some of the most technical TRICKS performed on Harley Davidson Dyna’s.


GrimCo Stunts is a premier Harley Davidson only motorcycle stunt team based out of the North East.

Their team consist of Nick Reynolds (@nicholasjreynolds), TJ Mccaffrey (@tjmccaffrey) and Bill Preston (@thrill_billy).

With each stunt show performed by GrimCo Stunts you’ll get Harley wheelies, burnouts and some of the most technical tricks performed on Harley Davidson Dyna’s.

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Spectro Answers Your Oil Questions

spectroOil is still one of the black arts. There are a lot of speculation and a lot of questions about what goes into your motorcycle. At Darwin Cycles we use Spectro because the quality of the product. We spoke with Rollin Karoll of Spectro for some additional clarification.

Question 1: Can viscosity grades be mixed?

    Spectro Answer: Yes, you can and no harm will be done. Topping up with 10w40, if its all you have available, will not injure the 20w50 in your crankcase. It will, however, lower the overall viscosity of your crankcase oil to a certain extent. This will cause no harm to your motorcycle. Likewise, adding a 20w50 product to 10w40 will slightly increase the overall viscosity in your crankcase. Again, no harm will occur.

Question 2: Can you explain multi-weight lubricants?

Bean’re does Pre Season Testing

At American Biker in Charleston, SC

Bean’re and his posse, Chad Hood, Chad Chadwick, Blake Wright and Steve rip it up in the parking lot of American Biker in Charleston, SC. They are preparing for races at Smokeout 16.

Racing will be held on Friday & Saturday nights at the minibike track.

Mr. Bean’re on 3 Wheels


(Tickets Are Now Available)