MUSIC ACTS @ Smoke Out 18

The Smoke Out Music
The Smoke Out is defined by music. Every evening the bands hit the stage with a lot of energy. SO 18 is looking to be exceptional.

*** FRIDAY ***

Rebel Son

Rebel Son is the perennial Smoke Out favorite band. They are an all original honky tonk rockabilly rock n’ roll band from the Carolinas. Comprised of guitarist/singer Lee Johnson, drummer Ron Kirk, and bassist Dave Schneider, Rebel Son is a hard driving country band that enforces blue collar morals with witty redneck humor. This combination makes for a chaotic symphony of working man blues and drunken debauchery… Just what the Smoke Out ordered.


Sneaky Tree

Spacey, one of our favorites on the Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine Staff, formed a band. It all started in the Spring of ’93 with the original members Robert Henry on drums, Reggie Thomas on guitar, Darren Patrick Comans on bass and Billy Lyons aka Spacey on vocals.

“We traveled all over the southeast in the back of a van wherever we could get a gig. Sleeping, wherever we could, causing mayhem and general mischief whenever we could find. Our music was pure, raw and timeless.- Spacey”

*** SATURDAY ***

Koffin Kats

Koffin Kats are a psychobilly trio from Detroit, Michigan. Fusing the swing of classic rockabilly with the hot-wired energy and ghoulish imagery of Misfits, this band proves that high-octane psychobilly is still alive and kicking in the American midwest.

Koffin Kats were formed in 2003 by lead singer and upright bassist Vic Victor and guitarist/vocalist Tommy Koffin, who had been part of the Motor City punk scene for some time before trying their hands at the doom-struck twang of their punk-rockabilly fusion.


Sarah Shook and the Disarmers

The band’s sound is a sneering fusion of punk-rock autonomy and say-it-like-it-is country from the classic era, paired with a timeless vocal warble and tons of attitude.

Rolling Stones10 New Country Artists You Need to Know“Sounds Like: A natural-born punk in love with the brutal honesty of classic country”

Honest to a fault and as foul-mouthed as a drunken sailor, she’s a nonconforming spitfire who’s proud of not fitting in with mainstream country music. Nor does Shook hold back when writing about whiskey and hard living, screwing up and failed romance (with guys and girls) — whether in her songs or her combative social-media posts.


Old Man Noise

Old Man Noize, It’s rock from it’s humble beginnings of the Stones, Humble Pie, Johnny Winter and the music that’s rockin’ a 3rd generation.

5 different musicians from 5 different states who ended up in Burlington, NC. Brought together for one simple idea, one simple emotion, The Love of Music. All of us were inspired by such diverse things as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, James Brown and yes, even band in Elementary School.

We are Old School musicians, we play our instruments, we sing our own vocals, we count to 4, but there are no Backing TRACKS here! Come and let this infectious energy travel from us on the stage to you in the audience, and see yourself get a big smile just like the ones on us!

Old Man Noize, It’s rock from it’s humble beginnings of the Stones, Humble Pie, Johnny Winter and the music that’s rockin’ a 3rd generation.


Saturday Night – Campground Band

DB Bryant

D.B. Bryant is a native of South Carolina and has been touring the USA for years performing his style of Southern Rock, Blues and Outlaw Country music! Playing music festivals, bike rallies and providing support for MANY national artists!


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