Garage71 Radio Produces the Mini Bike and Drift Trike Races for Smoke Out 18

Garage71 Radio Produces the Mini Bike and Drift Trike Races

Garage71 Radio Produces the Mini Bike and Drift Trike Races

Garage71 is proud to be producing the Smoke Out 18 Mini Bike and Drift Trike Races for the first time! Garage71 has been coming to the Smoke Out for years as first just spectators and then as promoters. We have had nothing but great times each and every year at the Smoke Out, the Kustom Kulture Industry Party of the Year!

The Smoke Out’s mini bike races is one of the most entertaining portions of the day, drawing a huge crowd of spectators that look forward to getting a glimpse of the crazy costumed racers on their lil’ lawnmower powered machines.

Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes

Mini Bike Races Requires Costumes – Photo credit: “Ray’s Motorcycle Diary”

Craziness and creativity are the driving forces behind the costumes and the lawnmower powered bikes, as racers compete for the coveted first prize and bragging rights for the year!

Competition is intense, but a few of the competitors seemed less than serious

Competition is intense, but a few of the competitors seemed less than serious – Photo credit: “Ray’s Motorcycle Diary”

There is also a separate ladies only class, not only does the Powder Puff race bring the heat, some of the costumes are pretty easy on the eyes.

Participants sign-in on Friday and Saturday morning at the Garage71 Booth, which is located adjacent to the Horse T-shirt booth. Come visit “Big Boy” and RadioFox for all the details. Bring your bike to the sign up and racers will get their bike number and receive a wristband.

Only racers with wristbands and pre-registered bikes can race. Your team must be dressed in costume for the race. No costume, No racing! All racers MUST wear a helmet and sign a release form. No helmet, no racing! No release, no racing! Dam people, play by the rules! It’s all for fun anyway…

Please follow the rules (you are not winning money here, people) be safe, and bring your friends as your cheering section so that we can continue this entertaining event at the Smoke Out for years to come!

Mini Bike and Drift Trike Rules

  • Must wear a helmet – no helmet, no race!
  • Costume required – no costume, no race!
  • 6hp and below lawnmower-style motor (no sneaking in that alcohol burning tear the asphalt up mini bike)
  • No Transmission or Gears
  • 2 wheels ONLY
  • No Go-Peds, Pit Bikes or Mini Crotch Rockets
  • Sportsman Like Conduct is expected, or you will be disqualified and nut slapped in front of everyone!
  • Only participants with a wrist band will be allowed on the track – sign up at Garage71 booth
  • Have FUN! And Be SAFE!
  • Green flag mean GO and Checkered Flag means the race is OVER, winner will take a victory lap, everyone else needs to exit the track

The crowd will choose the winners for the best costume and meanest mini bike category based on cheers.

  • Trophies are made by Tattoo Twisted
  • 1st Place – Race winner
  • Coolest Costume
  • Meanest Mini Bike

THIS IS ALL ABOUT FUN!!! No attitudes wanted. It’s like the WWE, not the UFC!

About Garage 71

Garage 71is a kulture! The crew here is all about the ‘gear head’ scene from music, turning wrenches, lifestyle, art, pinups, hot rods/rat rods, motorcycles, bobbers, tattoos and the kustom kulture. The crew dedicates themselves with being builders, entertainers, artists and DJs. We live the scene daily and want to bring it to life on-air.

Garage 71 Radio Station is geared to all motorheads alike. This station covers all your favorites from Rockabilly to wrench bending Garage Rock. Tune in to our feature shows including: Reverend Andy’s Psychobilly Freakout, Erin RadioFox Watson Locals Only Show, Psychoholic Extraveganza, 71 Pins with the Grizzly Adams, Friday Nights in the Junkyard, Tabernacle Sundays and so much more!!! Garage 71 is your “American Radio Revolution”!!! or go to TuneIn on any device keyword: Garage71

The crew of Garage71 will be filming all weekend long for an upcoming Dashboard Confessional on Garage71. We will be interviewing builders, musicians and spectators. There will be a compilation video to go out followed by an on-air show to include highlights of the weekend and stage performances, just in case you missed it or the ones there forgot!

About Garage 71 – Costume Karaoke

Lastly, the Queen of Rock n Roll in the South, RadioFox, will be hosting another year of late night Costume Karaoke in the field. This has been the late late night after party we all anticipate each year. Thousand of songs to choose from and just think, she even makes you look good while on stage… Come find your way. Follow the music. Feel the beat. It’s time to sing your heart out at the Smoke Out!!!

Contact Mini Bike Team

Brian Whitcomb, CCC, FMP
Garage 71 Radio and Grease Inc. Magazine
504 West Main Street
Buford, GA 30518


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