The 411 on the Smoke Out’s LONG ROAD

The Long Road

The Long Road: It’s About the Ride

What’s that you hear? Is it the sound of the open road calling? It’s the Long Road

It’s time to quench that thirst for adventure by joining chopper jockeys from all ends of the earth. Americans, Canadians, Aussies & New Zealanders are among the riders who have previously made memories to last a lifetime during this 1000+ mile journey.

This year’s route, designed by 3-time rider, Robert “Longroad” DeMichiel, begins Sunday June 11th.

We meet in the North-West corner of Arkansas near Eureka Springs at Kettle Campground. Over the next few days, we’ll travel many scenic back roads as we venture to stops at:

All before ending up at our final destination, the legendary SMOKE OUT in Rockingham NC.

The Pig Roast

The Pig Roast Camp Site

Once there, you can roam the grounds, checking out the many cool rides & events, or just relax. Enjoy a well-earned cold beverage & some food in the awesome Long Road Lounge, designed & built by our own Mike Allen & Terre Heroux.

As always, this ride is open to all riders, both men and women, on all makes and models of bikes from stock, to vintage, to all out choppers. You can travel solo, or join small groups, either way there is sense of camaraderie at every stop. Although there is no chase vehicle, we provide an optional route with friendly bike shops along the way in the event you require repairs (depending on time of day). And, for first time riders, if you complete all the stops, you will receive the highly coveted Long Road medallion. There are also plaques awarded for “Coolest Bike on The Ride,” “5 Time Riders”, and other various categories.

Campgrounds are set up to receive the majority of riders who want to camp (most also have a few cabins) while the closest motels are listed below for those who want to enjoy the ride, but would prefer the comfort of a motel room.

It is advised that those who want a cabin or motel room book these in advance! Prices quoted are based on what they were during planning and are subject to change.

All riders are responsible to pay for their own camping or motels and meals unless noted! As of this writing, we are in the process of organizing a FREE picnic style dinner for one of the campgrounds. We will keep registered riders informed of more details as the ride gets closer via e-mail.

Sign ins: Initial sign in will occur at Kettle Campground. An instruction sheet will be handed out at the start of the ride as to where other sign ins will occur as well as other activities & attractions along the way that are being worked out as of this posting.

Registration Fees:

Register by May 1st (post mark date) and receive a free commemorative ride t-shirt! A limited number of t-shirts will be available for $15 for those who sign up after May 1st.

If you want extra shirts for others not on the ride, please include $15 extra in your registration chq for each shirt and include size, male or female and spaghetti strap or tee for women. Late registrants will pay $15 for the ride shirt if they want it and we cannot guarantee any extras will be made. Also, we will not be mailing out any shirts for registrants who don’t do the ride. Early registration helps in the planning of some meals.

Please note: An extra $5 has been added this year to help fund the Long Road Lounge at the end of the ride.

For past riders who have ridden the ride before and received their medallions, the fee is $35.

1st time riders pay a fee of $55 (the extra $20 going towards the medallion).
Send a cheque or money order in US funds (make sure it is cashable in Canada!) and payable to:

Brian “Uncle Ben” Sauer
180 Marksam Rd Unit #65
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1H 8G4

Please include for each rider or passenger, the name, address, best phone number to contact, e-mail address and t-shirt size (as well as tee or spaghetti strap for women), whether you’ve completed The Long Road before, and whether you wish to camp(or cabin) or get a motel during the trip (helps for campground #s).


It is recommended, if camping, to reserve ahead of time as the campgrounds are only saving a certain number of spots for us!

Eureka Springs AK – Sunday June 11th

Camping: Kettle Campground (website:

Hwy 62 East, 4119 East Van Buren, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
(2 Miles east of Hwy 23 on Hwy 62) Note: Most GPS systems take you to the wrong location.

$12.58 (each person),$20.59 (couple; sharing a single tent)
Cabin, RV, and TeePee rentals available!
Reservations are requested, but not required.

Regency Inn, 4045 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs AK 479-253-5959
$65 based on double occupancy. $5 extra per person

Van Buren MO – Monday June 12th

Camping: Van Buren Campground (website:
1 Brown Road,Van Buren, Missouri 573 323-4562

GPS address: 100 John St , Van Buren, Missouri (This GPS address
will bring you to the sign for the campground, follow sign info
Camping is $10 each. No cabins available.

Big Spring Road Motel corner of hwy 103 & Chicopee Rd, South Van Buren (various computer maps show wrong location) 573-323-8128 — Rooms start at $52.85 Cash gets you a discount.

Buchanan, TN – Tuesday June 13th

Camping: Paris Landing KOA(website:
6290 East Antioch Road, Buchanan, TN 731- 642-6895
Camping will be approx. $10/person Cabins are available

Paris Landing Inn (at the State Park) $84 and up + tax
400 Lodge Rd, Buchanan, TN 731 642-4311

Fish Tale Lodge $75 and up tax incl.
14275 Highway 79 N, Buchanan, TN 731-642-7113

Jamestown, TN – Wednesday June 14th

Camping: Cherokee Ridge Camp-N-Cabins (Facebook- Cherokee Ridge Camp NCabins) 150 Laurel Creek Campground Road, Jamestown, Tennessee
(931) 879-7696 Camping $10/person- Cabins available

Big South Fork Lodge 3607 Leatherwood Ford Rd, Jamestown TN 931-879-4230 $65 and up 7 miles from campground. Only a few rooms are available so book early! (General Store & Grill right across the street)

Jordan Motel 2904 S York Hwy, Jamestown TN 931-879-4421
$48 tax incl. and up. 11 miles from campground

Ferguson, NC – Thursday June 15th

Camping: Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort (website:
100 Elk Creek Road, Ferguson, North Carolina (336) 973-8405
Camping: $13/person No reservations being accepted
Various cabins available.

Holiday Inn 1700 Winkler St., Wilksboro, NC 800-345-8082
$ 98 and up 16 miles from campground

Days Inn 206 Blowing Rock Blvd, Lenoir, NC 828-754-0731
$ 66+ tax and up 18 miles from campground

**As For Rockingham, you’re on your own. Many motels to choose from but some book up quickly-The real party is in the campground at The Rock!**

As stated last year, this ride, although not as wild as The Stampede, and also not a race, is still very challenging considering the complexity of some of the mountain passes and switchbacks. It is not recommended for beginner riders! As such, EACH RIDER RIDES AT THEIR OWN RISK! Volunteers and planners of The Long Road 2016 will not be held responsible for any injury or death resulting from a rider crashing his or her motorcycle or sustaining any injuries for the duration of the ride for ANY reason! A liability waiver will be signed by each rider and passenger prior to participating in the ride. Route is OPTIONAL and only set up to determine locations for local motorcycle shops! Riders may choose any route they wish!

E-mail any questions to: Note the .ca not .com as I’m in Canada EH!

Hope to see you “On The Road!” – Uncle Ben

About the Long Road

Long Road is a Gypsy ride to the Smoke Out 17. Mike Allen checked in a wrote up an itinerary of this years adventure. The following are all the details:

You’ve heard the stories, read about it in The Horse, and dreamed about doing it … Well here’s your chance to make your dream a reality! The Long Road, as always, is a 1000+ mile, multi day ride full of adventure and camaraderie as we make our way to the coolest chopper event on earth.

Get details on the Long Road Legion of riders:

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