We really want to thank the members of our sub-culture that are all in early.  The people that know they are going to be there and support the event no matter what.  Save cash and as a HUGE thank you, we have a holiday special.  Buy three tickets (must be in one order) before Jan 17, 2015 and we will include a copy of the “Road 2 Smoke Out” DVD for free.  I know you will enjoy this amazing documentary of the Smoke Out.  Everyone in our sub-culture needs to see it!

Save by pre-registering.  PLEASE tell your friends so they can save some cash.

Pre-Registration Prices

Pre-Register before
Mar 10

Pre-Register from Mar 13- May 15

One weekend (Fri, Sat) Smoke Out Event Ticket

$ 30

$ 35

 One weekend Smoke Out Event Ticket with camping



Smoke Out Event Ticket (no camping) at the gate:
Covers Fri and Sat – $40
Covers Sat only – $35

Smoke Out Event Ticket with Camping at the gate:
Covers Thurs, Fri, Sat – $ 85
Covers Fri and Sat – $ 80
Covers Sat – $ 60

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