SO 18 – The Chopper Class

This show is still the quickest path to have your bike featured in the pages of The HORSE Backstreet Choppers Magazine and now we are taking it even further. Entry fee is still only $20.

The Horse "Chopper" Bike Show

The Horse “Chopper” Bike Show

In past years the top 10 bikes get into the Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine.

In the past this bike show had only one class: CHOPPER 

Choppers of all varieties are represented, bobbers, Swedish Chops, Rock-a-Billy Chops, etc. as well as various engine configurations such as Sportsters, metric engines, Shovelheads, Evos, everything.

The HORSE, BC staff will pick TEN winners. There is no First, Second, Third etcetera,  just TEN winners. All winners are featured in the magazine. These ten bikes usually represent a variety of styles and engine configurations, so every well-built chopper has a chance.

Last year, there were too many good bikes in the parking lot that should have been in the show.  The odds are VERY, VERY good that you WILL win a prize if you are in the show.  (However, not all bikes will be allowed to enter the show, if you have a stock bike with a nice paintjob you may be discreetly informed this is not the year for you to enter.)  We want the bikes in the show to have great odds to win VERY nice prizes.  Just ask.  No one wants to embarrass anyone. 

It is all about fun.

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