Welcome to the Smoke Out Rally


Pre-Registration for SO16 is now over

Tickets @ the gate.

Tickets will be for sale at the gate but pre-sales ended on May 15th. No worries… plenty of tickets at the gate.

The event is two days to look at fine chops, watch drift trike racing, listen to great music, relax, watch Roller Derby, catch up with old friends or make new friends, watch mini-bike racing, eat good food, drag race, take a nice put in a pretty countryside, drink some beer, shop the venders wares… and on and on…

We really want to thank the members of our sub-culture that are all in early. The people that know they are going to be there and support the event no matter what.

What’s He Doing Now?

The Englishman is “Shakin’ all over” when he is not riding or publishing “The Horse Backstreet Choppers” Magazine.

take a listen…


Road 2 Smoke Out DVD

Consider getting a Road 2 Smoke Out DVD – (RIGHT NOW ON SALE).  This documentary is just an incredible look inside of our culture and the Smoke Out.

The Road 2 Smokeout

The Road 2 Smokeout

I truly believe it is the best thing we have ever put on DVD and it covers the history of the Smoke Out up to today.  -Edge

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