Smoke Out 17 – Rockingham, NC

June 17 and 18, 2016
12 noon to 11 pm Friday
10 am to 11 pm Saturday

We really want to thank the members of our sub-culture that are all in early.  My gratitude goes out to the people that know they are going to be there and support the event no matter what.

Save cash and as a HUGE thank you, we have a special.  Buy two tickets and the new DVD (must be in one order) before May 15, 2016 and you will get you 50% off the, “Charlie Horse Dialogue” DVD.


NEW DVD – “Charlie Horse Dialogue”
“Charlie Horse Dialogue” is our new HORSE documentary, which also includes some great Smoke Out 16 footage.

This DVD really came out well.  It is a fascinating glimpse, honest and candid, into the skulls of some select members of our culture.  It has great music.  It’s interesting.

It’s real and at the end you will actually know Bill Dodge, Roadside Marty, Hammer, Edge and Spacey better than their own mothers. PLEASE tell your friends so they can save some cash.


  • Event tickets (no camping) Fri and Sat: $35
  • Event tickets (with camping) Fri and Sat: $65


Smoke Out Event Ticket (no camping) at the gate:

  • Covers Fri and Sat – $40
  • Covers Sat only – $35

Smoke Out Event Ticket with Camping at the camping gate:

  • Covers Thurs, Fri, Sat – $85
  • Covers Fri and Sat – $80
  • Covers Sat – $60


Click the map for an expanded view

Click the map for an expanded view

Upgrading Your Wristband 

The “event only” wristband can be upgraded to a “camping and event” wristband at the camping gate. The fee to upgrade depends on how many nights you will be in the camping area. If you upgrade on:

  • Upgrade “event only” wristband – Thursday the price is $ 45
  • Upgrade “event only” wristband – Friday the price is $ 40
  • Upgrade “event only” wristband – Saturday the price is $ 25

The upgrade allows you into the camping area for the remaining duration of the event.

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