Don't miss the fun!

Don’t miss the fun!

Rockingham, NC
June 27 and 28, 2014
12 noon to 11 pm Friday
10 am to 11 pm Saturday

(Tickets Available at the Event)

  • SO 15 ticket Friday (For the duration of the event) – $40
  • SO 15 ticket Saturday Only – $35
  • Ticket with Camping – Click here

Planning continues and we are jamming everything we can into our huge 15th Anniversary.

I received a call from Curtis with the Rhett Rotten Wall of Death, It was crazy timing as I had the newest issue of The Horse magazine (issue 141) in my hand and we have an article about the History of the Wall of Death in the magazine. Curtis asked if we were interested in having the Rhett Rotten show at the Smoke Out 2014 and of course I said Abso-Freaking-lutely. What an exciting vendor to add to the line up! This is not a free show but for just $5.00 you can see Americas #1 Motorcycle stunt show, The Rhett Rotten Wall of Death.


Rhett Rotten is in the title fight and this is the last round!!

The Rhett Rotten Wall of Death is back in business for the 2014 season. Rhett Rotten is a Veteran rider of the Wall of Death motorcycle stunt show. Rhett Rotten along with the team bring to you some of the best motorcycle entertainment this industry has to offer.

Check out this video!

With over 20 years of experience riding the Wall of Death Rhett Rotten has performed at almost every major bike event in the U.S., as well as 100’s of other venues. The Rhett Rotten motorcycle stunt show uses only Vintage Indian and Genuine Harley Davidson motorcycles. Rhett Rotten is one of the best at his chosen sport.

Road 2 Smoke Out DVD

Consider getting a Road 2 Smoke Out DVD – (RIGHT NOW ON SALE).  This documentary is just an incredible look inside of our culture and the Smoke Out.

The Road 2 Smokeout

The Road 2 Smokeout

I truly believe it is the best thing we have ever put on DVD and it covers the history of the Smoke Out up to today.  -Edge


Please click on “Entertainment” for the activity list.

Chopper Prom

Chopper Prom is Saturday night and it is FREE. Check out what we have planned so far for our NEW Chopper Prom.  This will be EPIC… Jump for details.

Bike Show

We now have a chopper class for Joes and a Chopper class for Pros. What does this mean? Details are right here...

Awards and Prizes

We have a number of awards and prizes for pre-event ticket sales, Chopper Prom and the Custom Bike Show. Award winners will be listed shortly.

Help a gal out...

Help a gal out…

Give Lacie a Hand

Lacie was hit by a car while riding her motorcycle to work in early December. Her foot was nearly severed, but after pleading with surgeons at Wake Med they were able to reattach it using her tattoos to line up the pieces of her mangled leg. We are helping her by raffling off an original piece of art… Just $20 for 5 tickets or $5 for 1 ticket. Help a girl out by clicking here.

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